Lanercost Priory

We were approached by the Priory to look at the renewal of the existing heating system which was antiquated and inefficient. They had previously commissioned an initial survey but wanted it taking on to a fully developed design and price. We carried out an extensive survey and provided them with a solution which took account of the unique nature of this very old and beautiful building as well as the particularly intermittent useage pattern. During the course of the works we were also commissioned to carry out various electrical upgrades. Whilst the work was being carried out it was essential to closely liaise with the client to ensure that nothing detrimental to the structure of the building took place and our staff on site worked closely with the PCC to ensure everything was to their satisfaction. The overall result was a dramatic improvement in the heating in the building, ensuring the longevity of the structure as well as providing much more comfortable conditions for the occupants during the many and varied services and events held there.